We provide full scope advisory services relating to privacy, information security, cybersecurity and intellectual property in Hungarian, English and German. These include

    Expert Privacy Consultancy Services

    • General data protection consultancy services and data protection officer support
    • Analysis, development and maintenance of the data protection and information security framework and in the establishment of organizational functions
    • Development of data protection and information security regulations
    • Review and development of data retention policies and data retention measures
    • Development of the Records of Processing Activities for Controllers and Processors


Domains, Websites and Mobile Applications

    • Development of privacy policies, website terms of use and cookie policies
    • Cookie audits
    • Support and consultancy services relative to data subject right management
    • ePrivacy consultancy
    • Review and implementation of privacy controls for websites and applications
    • Domain name management, domain name recovery, cybersquatting and domain name disputes
    • Notice and take down procedures
    • Cybercrime consultancy


Legal Advisory Services Relating to Online Advertising and Electronic Direct Marketing

    • Review of online advertising, agency and service provider agreements
    • Legal and information security review of advertising campaigns
    • CRM system deployment and review
    • Consent management consultancy


Privacy Risk Management

    • Development of data protection risk management methodology and privacy key performance and key risk indicators
    • Data protection impact assessments


Data Security and Information Security Consultancy Services

    • Privacy by Design and Privacy by Default implementation
    • Access management, logging and log analysis
    • Analysis of organisatory, physical and logical controls and their efficiency
    • Consultancy regarding anonymization and pseudonymization
    • Consultancy regarding privacy technology implementation
    • Deployment of privacy enhancing technologies
    • Planning and analysis of technical and organisatory measures


Data Protection Audit Services

    • Data Protection Audit of partners, services providers and risk analysis
    • Legal consultancy regarding outsourcing
    • Preparation for certifications
    • Quality assurance of privacy implementation projects
    • Data protection and information security support of M&A transactions


Data Breach Incident Management

    • Data breach incident management review and development
    • Data breach incident support, notification and analysis
    • Data breach incident investigations and forensic consultancy


International Data Transfers, Data Transfer Agreements and Data Processor Agreements

    • Preparing data processor, data transfers agreements, joint controller agreements and service level agreements
    • International data transfer agreements
    • BCR development and approvals
    • Support in preparing data protection code of conducts


Data Protection Training and Testing

    • Preparing information security and data protection training materials
    • Holding privacy and information security trainings
    • Privacy and information security testing


Legal Representation Before the Hungarian Data Protection Authority and Hungarian Courts

    • Legal representation in data protection investigations of the Hungarian DPA
    • Representation in consolation procedures regarding data protection impact assessments
    • Court actions and data subject rights enforcement
    • Legal representation in privacy damage cases